Peli Cases are the No.1 choice for waterproof cases.

The Peli Case range offers your equipment the ultimate protection. Choose a pelicase if you need to ensure your gear gets from A to B in one piece, and be reassured by the Peli Case "no quibble" lifetime guarantee.

Peli Case - Small

Peli Case - Small

The small Peli Case range includes all models between the Peli 1120 and the Peli 1440 cases.

Peli Case - Med

Peli Case - Med

The Peli Case medium range of cases includes all Peli models between the Peli 1450 and Peli 1560

Peli Case - Large

Peli Case - Large

The large Peli Case range includes all Peli cases between Peli 1600 to Peli 1780 including the Peli Cube cases.


Peli Cases - Wherever you need to take your equipment you can rest assured that Peli Cases will totally protect it from water, rocks, corrosion, knocks or falls. Peli Cases have survived falls from helicopters, been rolled over from the highest mountains and have been towed along the most rapid rivers and freezing fjords, even survived the tsunami!

Double step latches, Automatic Pressure Release Valve, optional "Pick 'N' Pluck" foam can be formed to your equipment's shape. Optional Padded Dividers can be adapted to different sizes with Panel Frames available for interface panels. Look in the Peli Case categories for the size that you need or alternatively, check our peli case size guide.

Top Sellers
Peli 1150 Case

Peli 1150 Case£33.45 inc. Free DeliveryAdd to Basket

Internal Dimensions (212x149x93)
Peli 1170 Case

Peli 1170 Case£46.54 inc. Free DeliveryAdd to Basket

Internal Dimensions (268x153x80)
Peli 0945 Memory Card Case

Peli 0945 Memory Card Case£22.19 inc. Free DeliveryAdd to Basket

Internal Dimensions (122x57x14)