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6 February 2014  |  Jit-Pak
Limited Edition Peli 1510 Case in Pink

Have you ever stood at baggage claim at an airport and thought that all the bags look the same? Worried about picking up the right bag, for fear of confusing it with somebody else's? Well, Peli have the solution! This limited edition Peli 1510 case comes in a vibrant pink that is sure to stand out! It has all of the protective features of a Peli 1510 Case and comes with the Peli Lifetime guarantee, but this case is only available while stocks last. For those of you that want to 'stand out from the crowd' this case will definitely do that while perfectly protecting your most breakable equipment.

23 September 2013  |  Jit-Pak
New Peli iPhone 5 Protective Cases

New from Peli - the iPhone 5 cases that offer protection "as smart as your phone and as tough as your commute"

But do they really work? And which one to choose? These are the questions our customers are asking us and as the cases are fairly new, there is not much feedback to go on. So we thought we would do a little investigating of our own, to help our customers choose the right case for their smartphone.

There are so many on the market all claiming to be 'the best protection for your iPhone', so it is hard to find one that will actually protect your phone. We specialise in Peli products, who are now offering two phone cases to suit the new iPhone 5.


25 May 2013  |  Jit-Pak
Peli 1510 Case for Camera Gear

We are regularly being asked by photographers about the Peli 1510 case and how much gear they can fit into it. Well, we are certainly no experts on all the different lenses that are available but thought that we should investigate and try and find some helpful information for our customers. Having trawled the internet, we feel that the best..........

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