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Peli 1510 Case for Camera Gear

25 May 2013  |  Jit-Pak

We are regularly being asked by photographers about the Peli 1510 case and how much gear they can fit into it. Well, we are certainly no experts on all the different lenses that are available but thought that we should investigate and try and find some helpful information for our customers. Having trawled the internet, we feel that the best..........

example of just how much can be fitted into the Peli 1510 case is the one below. Obviously the first image is to show you what equipment can be fit into the case which includes 3 off camera bodies, 3 off flash guns, 6 off various lenses together with remotes, batteries and other misc. items.

The second image shows that list of equipment inside the case using a padded divider set and a photographers lid organiser. Amazing! To buy your own Peli 1510 Case simply follow the link, you can choose from either padded dividers as shown in the image below or a foam set so that you can configure your own layout.

There is a new version of the Peli 1510 case which is aimed directly at the photography market. The Peli 1510 Studio case has the same padded dividers in the base but instead of the standard lid organiser, you will get a padded wallet in the lid which holds a laptop (upto 15") plus the powersupply. This would be ideal for those that need to upload their images on location etc.

So all in all, the Peli 1510 case is perfectly suited for location shoots and will keep all your gear safely in one place. The case is 100% waterproof so if your shooting environment is outdoors, there will be no concerns that your gear will suffer from the elements and best of all, it makes for a pretty good seat whilst out on location!



Contents of a Peli 1510 Case This shows all the gear in the Peli 1510 case
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